Why Ontrac?

If you are honest with yourself, than you know, it’s no longer good enough to be good or even great at your trained craft as an accountant or lawyer. You must also be GREAT at BUSINESS. In order to grow your market share or even maintain it, you must reach higher. You MUST HAVE AN EDGE.

That’s where OnTrac® Coach comes in. Working exclusively with accountants and lawyers since 2005, we have earned the reputation of being a leading provider of strategic business coaching. When you work with us, you benefit from the vast and diverse experience in working with other professionals just like yourself. Firms of all sizes, and geographical locations. Why not learn from those that have gone before you? Why create the wheel?

Outcomes you can expect: I will help you achieve your goals faster, speed up your learning curve end enjoy more success in your career; save you time and money, and help you generate more revenues and become more profitable. GET THAT EDGE!

All of my coaching programs have been specifically designed to meet the business challenges accountants and lawyers face at various stages in their careers. For individuals, this will help you accelerate success in your career. For firms, the common thread is that these programs all lead to firm growth, and increased profitability.

Are you at the top? Leading your firm into the future. Consider the Managing Partner Program to assist you in navigating the business of your firm and all of the competing challenges you face day-to-day.

For professionals who have learned to grow their business beyond themselves, or are ‘promoted’ to practice group or team leaders, help them take the next step with the Leadership Program to assist them in growing and managing their teams.

Support your newly acquired lateral hires significantly improve their transition to your firm and set them up for future success with the Transition Program.

Today’s professional services market is more competitive than ever. You need that edge. Help your professionals build their book by attracting more clients with the Business Development Program.

Most professionals are not known for their organization skills. For firms looking to improve efficiencies, productivity and profitability, consider enrolling your younger or less efficient people in the Practice Management Program.

If you are a young professional just starting out, or not where you want to be, take a look at the Career Program.

“It’s not how good you are now; its how good you’re going to be that really matters,” Atul Gawande says. 

View his TED Talk on coaching here.

Partner with Gary if you want to get to your destination in less time and with less effort. I can say this counting Gary as a partner for over 10 years, in various capacities and successful pursuits. Gary is no nonsense with clear, reasonable and attainable approaches to help you realize your vision and goals. See more testimonials here

Michael A. Thackray, Q.C., Founder and Managing Partner, Thackray Burgess