OnTrac® Transition Coaching

Transitioning into a new role can be daunting. New people, new culture, new rules! Add to that the uncertainty of making a move. It can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. There is another way! Work with me in my Private Coaching Program to ensure a smooth transition with more ease and confidence. Walk in the door of your new firm and hit the ground running!


I first engaged Gary after being referred to him by a former partner at my last firm. He worked with me to ease my transition into my new firm. Then as he would say, ‘I graduated’ to his business development coaching program. After a few short months I can frankly say I now have the means and ability to deal with that lingering fear of where my next client or file is going to come from. As a result of my working with Gary, I am significantly growing my practice and taking it to the next level by building my team. His practical and down to earth approach has been invaluable to me and my career. With the growth of my practice and team, new challenges arise. I continue to work with Gary to tackle these challenges and take my career to the next level.

Kevin Plowman, Partner, Miller Thomson

Outcomes with OnTrac®

  • You will navigate the transition with more ease and confidence
  • You will alleviate the uncertainty and apprehension of making a move
  • You will learn how to position your new platform in order to bring more of your current clients with you
  • You will hit the ground running as soon as you walk into your new firm
  • You will speed up your learning curve and achieve results faster


  • You will have a strategy in place to reach out to your new partners and associates to create more cross-serving opportunities
  • You will build stronger relationships with your new support staff
  • You will learn about, understand and adapt to the new culture faster
  • You will strategically align your goals and vision with your new firm management and leadership
  • You will speed up the transition phase growing your practice and taking it to the next level significantly faster than you would on  your own

From here you have the option to continue to grow your practice with my Business Development Program and then graduate to my Practice/Team Leader Program.

Why On Trac® Coaching Works

I follow a proprietary methodology called TST™, (Targeted, Strategic, and Tactical). This process was designed working with lawyers since 2005.  Following this methodology, you will stay focused when you are pulled in various directions. You will navigate change more effectively and land successfully in your new role.

TST looks like this:

  • Targeted: You will know exactly (WHO) to approach and when to build new relationships
  • Strategic: You will know (HOW) to approach them
  • Tactical: You will be clear on (WHAT) practical steps to take in order to hit the ground running upon your arrival

The combination of the length of time I work with you (designed understanding the length of time it takes to change or learn new habits), the frequency and intensity in which I work with you (holding you to account), the program content (developed specifically for lawyers), and the flexibility (to meet your individual needs in the moment), are the reasons for my clients’ success.

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