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“Gary is a very energetic, innovative, passionate, and positive professional. I value his advice and strategic counsel as well as his motivation and support. He was an invaluable guide for me at a time when things seemed the darkest for me professionally. Gary helped me develop and execute a practice plan that fits well with my values and strengths and has resulted in my renewed passion for the practice of law.

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I first engaged Gary after being referred to him by a former partner at my last firm. He worked with me to ease my transition into my new firm. Then as he would say, ‘I graduated’ to his business development coaching program. After a few short months, I can frankly say I no longer have that lingering fear of where my next client or file is going to come from. His practical and down-to-earth approach has been invaluable to me and my career.

Designed to Guide Lawyers and Law Firms Through Transitions

Welcome to OnTrac® Coach, where we specialize in Transition Coaching designed to guide lawyers and law firms through transformative transitions. Whether your firm is welcoming lateral hires or you’re making a career move, our coaching is tailored to ensure a smooth and successful transition while maximizing your growth and potential.

Why Choose

Why Choose OnTrac® Coach for Transition Coaching?

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tNavigating transitions can be challenging, but with the right guidance, they can also be opportunities for exponential growth. Our Transition Coaching is meticulously designed to empower law firms and lawyers with the strategies, insights, and support needed to thrive during times of change. Here’s why partnering with OnTrac® Coach is the right choice: 

For Law Firms:

  • Win the Talent War: Elevate your firm’s appeal and attract high-level talent by offering comprehensive training and support that sets you apart. Crush your competition!
  • Increase Your ROI: Get a return on your investment of recruiting high-level talent faster. 
  • Maximizing Lateral Hires: Our coaching ensures that lateral hires bring more of their book with them, enhancing your firm’s revenue potential. This is one of the most overlooked growth and profitability strategies currently. 
  • Accelerating Integration: Facilitate faster adaptation to your firm’s culture, enabling new talent to seamlessly integrate and contribute.

For Lawyers:

  • Leveraging Brand: Leverage your new firm’s brand to retain more of your existing clients, and attract new ones, capitalizing on the firm’s reputation.
  • Cultural Adaptation: Learn about and adapt to your new firm’s culture swiftly, positioning yourself for success within the organization.
  • Strategic Relationships: Build essential internal relationships faster, enhancing your network and influence.
  • Hit the Ground Running: Shorten the time it takes for you in your career transition to experience accelerated success. 

With OnTrac®

What You’ll Gain

Law firm coaching

Our Transition Coaching program equips both law firms and lawyers with the tools and insights needed for a successful transition. Here’s what you can expect to achieve:

  • Firm Growth: Elevate your firm’s reputation, attract talent, and maximize lateral hires’ contributions, leading to increased revenues.
  • Swift Adaptation: Seamlessly integrate into a new firm’s culture, allowing you to contribute and thrive from day one.
  • Effective Relationships: Build valuable internal relationships, fostering collaboration and positioning yourself as a valuable team member.
  • Efficient Leadership: Learn to lead teams effectively, driving results in less time and accelerating your career growth.
  • Income Potential: Unlock your income potential by leveraging your new firm’s brand, relationships, and resources.

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