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Raindance II: A Blueprint for Growing Your Practice

Excerpt from the Foreword to Raindance II: Small Firm Edition

Gary’s Raindance should be adopted by law schools as a ‘must read’ as it provides a road map for building a successful law practice. Law schools teach their students how to read, examine and apply the law. But Gary teaches lawyers how to find, qualify, serve and satisfy clients and, in so doing, build a lucrative law practice – one lawyer at a time. 

Steven Benmor , Family Law Specialist, Benmor Family Law Group

Excerpt from the Foreword to Raindance II: Larger Firm Edition

I met Gary Mitchell at a time of crossroads in my legal practice. After ten years I had achieved “success”: partnership, loyal clients and a reasonable pay-cheque at a downtown Vancouver law firm. However, I held an ambition to grow my practice further into something special.

Misguided attempts on my own or guided by “legal marketing” experts had led only to frustration.So I conducted my own search for an individual that had the aptitude, skills and mindset I needed to get me on track. After interviewing a number of candidates, I chose Gary.There is no doubt he was the right choice. …

As a result of my work with Gary, not only did my practice grow, so did my enjoyment of practising. I was now engaged not simply in advising my clients; I was building my own business. …

If you are unable to work with Gary or one of his team of coaches, then this book will provide you with the information you need to effectively focus your business development efforts.

Follow the steps outlined here with the same amount of energy and focus that Gary put into creating them and there is no doubt in my mind you will achieve your goals.

-Christopher Rusnak, Partner, Harper Grey LLP

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