The Law Practice Builder ™ App takes you through everything you need to know, and more importantly, do to grow your law practice successfully.

Who Should Use The Law Practice Builder ™ App?


The short answer is that any lawyer at any stage in their career, practice area, or location, who is serious about growing their practice, should be using this App. 



  • Large firms looking for an effective alternative to group-training
  • Solo-practice lawyers
  • Small firm owners
  • Associates aiming for partnership
  • Partners growing their practice and teams

Why Use The Law Practice Builder ™ App?

Cost-effective, innovative, improved results.

For larger firms looking for an innovative and cost-effective way to deliver training to their associates, this approach could prove to be a real game-changer. The App will produce far greater results than traditional group coaching or training.

Giving the participant complete control as to how long, at what pace they go through it, and which modules they take first, this App is ideal for self-learners.

It can be challenging at times to commit to a regularly scheduled time for coaching. With this App, you can work through it when it fits into your schedule.

Lawyers of all stripes and at various stages of their careers will benefit from using this App, shortening their learning curve, and experiencing results faster as they strive to grow their practice.



How the Law Practice Builder ™ App Works


Contained within the App are tip sheets, exercises, and self-assessments. After the completion of each module, copies of your work are sent back to you for your ongoing accountability and reference. All of your information is kept strictly confidential. 


Once you are subscribed, you have access to all modules and can pick and choose in which order to take them depending on your current situation and goals. You are in complete control. The App is web-based and can be used on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.


The time you invest to complete the App is completely up to you. Not all modules will require the same amount of your time. Work through them at your own pace, according to your priorities and goals, and your schedule.  You have complete flexibility and control.  

The Law Practice Builder ™ App Curriculum


The app contains modules specifically tailored to grow your law practice.

  • Module One: Mindset
  • Module Two: Self-Care
  • Module Three: Practice Management
  • Module Four: Client Service
  • Module Five: Marketing
  • Module Six: Business Development
  • Module Seven: Business Plan
  • Module Eight: HR for Growth
  • Module Nine: Leadership

Get The Law Practice Builder ™ App

It’s easy to access The Law Practice Builder ™ App.

The monthly subscription fee is $139.95. You retain full access to the App while you remain subscribed. You may cancel at any time.

At any point, if you choose to go deeper and get a more personalized approach with my one-to-one coaching program, your investment here will be deducted from your coaching program fee.

Subscribe today.