How it works

The app takes you through everything you need to know, and more importantly, do to grow your law practice successfully. The stage in your career, practice area, or location doesn’t matter.

It has been designed for self-learners who see the benefit of having some guidance but prefer to learn independently at their own pace, and in their own time.

The content comes from the blending of my Practice ManagementBusiness Development, and Leadership, coaching programs developed and advanced over the past 17 years.

Once you are subscribed, you have access to all modules and can pick and choose in which order to take them depending on your current situation and goals. You are in complete control.

Contained within the app are tip sheets, exercises, and self-assessments. After the completion of each module, copies of your work are sent back to you for your ongoing accountability and reference. All of your information is kept strictly confidential. 

Who should have this App?

Larger firms looking for an innovative and cost-effective way to deliver training to their associates. The App will produce far greater results than traditional group coaching or training.

Solo-practice lawyers

Small firm owners

Associates and Partners at firms

No matter where you are in your career, this app will help you cut the time and effort it takes you to reach your goals.

The curriculum  

  • Module One: Mindset
  • Module Two: Self-Care
  • Module Three: Practice Management
  • Module Four: Client Service
  • Module Five: Marketing
  • Module Six: Business Development
  • Module Seven: Business Plan
  • Module Eight: HR for Growth
  • Module Nine: Leadership

How long it takes 

That is completely up to you. Generally speaking, you can plan to take one month to work through each module. But again, that is up to you. Work through them at your own pace, and in your own time. You have complete flexibility depending on your time. 

Your investment 

The monthly subscription fee is $139.95. You retain full access to the app while you remain subscribed. You may cancel at any time. When you have gone through the app, or at any time, if you choose to go deeper and get a more personalized approach with my one-to-one coaching program, your investment here will be deducted from your coaching program fee.