OnTrac® Practice Management Coaching

Running a profitable law firm is not just about getting more clients. It’s also about having your people work in the most efficient and productive ways possible. 

When they become more efficient and productive, other add-on benefits include: happier employees, greater team engagement and increased retention. And that leads to happier clients, which leads to increased profits. 


What you can expect with OnTrac®  

Your lawyers will:

  • Become more profitable fee earners
  • Learn when, where and who to delegate certain tasks to free up more time for billable matters and business development
  • Learn how to more precisely docket their billable time
  • Learn better time management skills in order to become far more efficient and productive
  • Improve communication skills and relationships with other fee earners and staff creating a more cohesive work environment and seamless workflow
  • Improve client management skills
  • Learn other organization skills as needed

When your people have improved their practice management skills, consider enrolling them into the Business Development Program so they can start to build their own book. 


If you can show me that after following my advice, strategies, and approaches you have not achieved at least a 300% ROI, I will give you a FULL REFUND!

Gary provided me with the knowledge, advice, and tools I needed to properly navigate the competing interests of time management, business development, client relationships, and office politics.

He has also provided me with several practical solutions which have helped with my client consultations and the quality of my work product. Personally, I could not have made this transition in my career without Gary’s assistance. 

Walter Yoo, Associate at Monkhouse Law Toronto


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