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OnTrac® Managing Partner Coaching

Learning to balance the competing challenges of leading your firm with maintaining and growing your own practice, will lead to more fulfillment and success in your career.

However you came to be the Managing Partner of your firm, whether it’s your own firm, or you were selected by your peers; you will be judged on your performance; with the focus on firm growth and profitability. What will you be known for? What impact will your leadership have on the firm? What will your legacy be? Why not learn every skill and leverage every tool available to you to ensure greater success? 

What you can expect with OnTrac®

  • Increase the growth and profitability of your firm
  • Improve efficiency, discipline, productivity, and time management
  • Improve your communication, delegation and leadership skills
  • Achieve greater balance between leading your firm and growing and managing your own practice
  • Free up more time for high-level strategic planning
  • Improve talent acquisition, onboarding and retention
    • Increase employee engagement
    • Learn more proven strategies for business development, HR, leadership, management, and marketing 
    • Create a compensation/bonus plan that better motivates excellence and client service
    • Tighten systems and processes making it easier to replicate and grow
    • Grow and strengthen your management team

Recently we were named Toronto’s fastest growing law firm in the Globe and Mails’ top 400 Fastest Growing Canadian companies, and Gary was critical in helping with the change management that was involved in that growth.

Andrew Monkhouse, Founder and Managing Partner, Monkhouse Law Toronto


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