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Gary Mitchell has a vast toolkit of knowledge when it comes to the business of running a law firm. I have worked with him over the past year and a half. He has supported me with marketing, business development, and HR. He has coached me and many of my team members including lawyers and staff. He continues to work with my office manager providing her support in the areas of HR and leadership and has provided business development, practice management, and onboarding coaching for my lawyers. Recently we were named Toronto’s fastest growing law firm in the Globe and Mail’s top 400 Fastest Growing Canadian companies, and Gary was critical in helping with the change management that was involved in that growth.

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So far in 2015, we are doing financially better than we did last year (even in this Alberta economy) and I attribute much of that to Gary’s exceptional coaching and knowledge. Don’t wait another year – start working with Gary now!”

Strategic support, skills, and insights you need

Whether you are managing a large firm, or growing your own,  taking on the role of Managing Partner can be a daunting task; a balancing act with managing your own practice and clients, while developing superior leadership skills and strategic thinking.

Welcome to OnTrac® Coach, where we’re dedicated to the growth and success of managing partners like you. Our Managing Partner Growth Program is designed to provide you with the strategic support, skills, and insights you need to lead your law firm to new heights. Whether you’re looking to accelerate growth and profitability, streamline operational efficiencies, or enhance your leadership abilities, our program is tailored to help you achieve your objectives.

Why Choose

Why Choose OnTrac® Coach for Managing Partner Growth?

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As a managing partner, your role is multifaceted, and your challenges are unique. Our Managing Partner Growth Program is your key to overcoming these challenges and seizing opportunities for your law firm’s success. Here’s why partnering with OnTrac® Coach is the right choice:

      • Strategic Support: Receive proven strategic guidance across various areas, including business development, HR, leadership, management, marketing, systems, and templates.
      • Accelerate Growth: Our program is designed to accelerate the growth and profitability of your law firm, shortening your learning curve and helping you achieve measurable results.
      • Enhanced Efficiency: Improve efficiency, discipline, productivity, and time management through actionable strategies that will transform the way you lead your firm.
      • Leadership Excellence: Hone your communication, delegation, and leadership skills, empowering you to navigate complex challenges and inspire your team.
      • Balanced Leadership: Achieve a harmonious balance between leading your firm and managing your own practice, allowing you to excel in both domains.

With OnTrac®

What You’ll Gain

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Our Managing Partner Growth Program equips you with the tools and knowledge needed to lead confidently and drive your law firm’s success. Here’s what you can expect to achieve:

      • Strategic Business Growth: Implement strategies for accelerated growth, increased profitability, and sustainable success for your law firm.
      • Enhanced Leadership: Develop the leadership qualities necessary to inspire your team, drive innovation, and create a culture of excellence.
      • Efficient Management: Improve efficiency, time management, and operational discipline, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives that matter most.
      • Effective Communication: Master communication and delegation skills that foster collaboration, cohesion, and a harmonious work environment.
      • Work-Life Balance: Achieve a balanced approach to leadership, ensuring that your practice thrives while you lead your firm to success, and have time for life. 


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