How On Trac® Licensing Works

Since 2005, we have designed and implemented various proven strategies and practical approaches in our Coaching Programs, Although specifically designed for lawyers, these approaches and strategies are applicable across all professional services sectors. If you are coaching entrepreneurs, and other service professionals, these systems will prove invaluable.

The Opportunity

Why re-invent the wheel? Take advantage of the time and effort we’ve put into designing our coaching programs and content and begin bringing in revenue right away. You pay a one-time licensing fee for the rights to use all of our intellectual property, templates, systems and approaches, and established brand. etc.

Our package also includes training to get you up to speed on our systems, and ongoing support to ensure your success.

What You Get With Your On Trac® License

Training and Support

Initial Training – The initial training period will vary depending on the individual, and we will be there to support you every step of the way until you are confident to go it on your own. As you begin to bring on clients, we will be available to help you with any challenges you may encounter.

Ongoing Support – Once the initial training period is over, we will continue to support you and your coaching as well as your marketing and business building efforts.

Marketing and Business Development

In addition to coaching you in marketing and business development to help you grow your business, you can leverage the brand and profile of On Trac® that we have built over the last decade.

As well, we will create a link to your website from ours under ‘Affiliates,’ giving you additional exposure.

We will also invite you from time to time to co-author an article in our monthly column ‘The Coach’,  in The Lawyers Weekly giving you further exposure.

Content Included

Coaching Tools

  1. Completely documented curriculum for you to follow with your clients
  2. Coaching Initial Intake Consultation Template
  3. 1st Session Checklist
  4. Coaching Session Notes Template
  5. For each level within the programs, you will have branded worksheets and tip sheets to give to your clients
  6. Fully documented narrative for you to use with clients throughout the program
  7. Various workshops that can be used for training purposes – Performance ready including PowerPoint and Scripts.

Client Tools

  1. Branded worksheets for each client task
  2. Branded Tip sheets for each skill or approach
  3. Branded Instructions on how your clients can get the most from coaching
  4. Articles on a variety of topics that you can use to send to clients

Marketing & Sales

  1. Professionally designed program brochures
  2. Proposal Templates


With our program, there is no need to travel unless you prefer to work from a tropical destination. All coaching is done by phone, allowing you the freedom to coach from anywhere. With a licensing agreement as opposed to a franchise, you are free to run your business as you see fit, set your own fees, and create a business model that suits your needs.

Are You Ready?

While experience and a background in sales, marketing, professional development and/or management would be helpful, it is not critical to your success. A willingness to follow our proven systems, motivation and a strong desire to succeed, along with a deep passion to help other people succeed are essential to your success.

Contact us today to get started.