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OnTrac® Leadership Coaching Program

As an accountant or lawyer you were never taught how to be a great leader. And leading people today is more complicated than ever before. You have such a diverse group of people and from different generations with different motivations. How do you manage it all? How do you get your team all going in the same direction? These questions and many more will be answered in my Proprietary Private Coaching Program.

Gary assisted me in honing my leadership skills and developing my understanding of business management and operations. He provided me with continuous support and guidance and made the entire transition process seamless. …I would 100% recommend Gary to those who are transitioning into management roles or who require coaching in business management.

Anessa Garcia, Acting Office Manager, Monkhouse Law


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Outcomes with OnTrac®

  • Clarify your vision and goals to grow your team
  • Develop a thorough strategic plan for your team
  • Get buy-in from all team members
  • Get into action with your step-by-step action plan prioritized as to your first steps to success

As a leader you will become more effective at the following:

  • Growing your team
  • Providing effective feedback to your team
  • Helping your team help you help your clients
  • Supporting recruitment
  • Leading, motivating and inspiring your team to take more ownership and responsibility
  • Building loyalty and increasing retention
  • Delegating more, freeing up time to go after bigger clients and showing your team how to replicate this approach
  • Improving the efficiency and productivity of your team, leading to increased revenues and higher profits
  • Trusting your instincts as a leader more

Why OnTrac® Coaching Works

I follow a proprietary methodology called TST™, (Targeted, Strategic, and Tactical). This methodology was developed working with professional service providers just like you since 2005. Following this methodology will help you navigate your role as a leader so you can produce greater results in less time and with less stress. We all know that your time=money.

TST™ looks like this:

  • Targeted: You will know (WHO) to start with to gain traction
  • Strategic: You will know (HOW) to effectively manage and grow your team
  • Tactical: You will be clear on (WHAT) practical steps to take to reach your goals

The combination of the length of time I work with you (designed understanding the length of time it takes to change or create new habits), the frequency and intensity in which I work with you (holding you to account), the program content (designed specifically for lawyers), and the flexibility (meeting your individual needs in the moment), are the reasons for my clients’ success.

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