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I had the pleasure of working with Gary while I transitioned into a management role. Gary assisted me in honing my leadership skills and developing my understanding of business management and operations. He provided me with continuous support and guidance and made the entire transition process seamless. I felt comfortable reaching out to him outside of our coaching sessions and knew he was genuinely invested in my growth. Gary’s passion for coaching is quite evident and makes the process very enjoyable. I would 100% recommend Gary to those who are transitioning into management roles or who require coaching in business management.

Leadership Coaching

Recent studies in the US say that 71% of Law Firms are investing in their leadership. Is your firm? Are you a lawyer seeking to enhance your leadership skills, build a team around you, and stand out amongst your competitors? 

Welcome to OnTrac® Coach, where we specialize in Leadership Coaching designed exclusively for legal professionals like you. Elevate your legal practice, hone your leadership abilities, and excel as a dynamic leader within your firm.


Why Choose

Why Choose OnTrac® Coach for Leadership Coaching?

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At OnTrac® Coach, we understand that legal professionals have unique challenges when it comes to leadership. Our tailored coaching approach recognizes the demands of the legal world and equips you with the tools to overcome them, ensuring your success as both a lawyer and a leader. Here’s why choosing OnTrac® Coach sets you on the path to excellence:

  • Customized Guidance: Your journey is distinct, and so is our coaching. We personalize our approach to your goals, challenges, and aspirations, ensuring you receive the guidance you need to flourish.
  • Practical Strategies: Our coaching isn’t just theoretical; it’s actionable. I provide concrete strategies you can implement immediately to drive real change in your leadership style.
  • Proven Results: Join the ranks of lawyers who have achieved transformative outcomes through our coaching. Explore our success stories to see how OnTrac® Coach has propelled legal careers, and cal do the same for you. 


    With OnTrac®

    What You’ll Gain

    Law firm coaching

    Our Leadership Coaching program equips both law firms and lawyers with the tools and insights needed to effectively lead. Here’s what you can expect to achieve:

    • Firm Growth: By having effective leaders leading your client and practice teams, those teams become more efficient and productive, better able to serve your current clients, and the new ones sure to come. This builds further capacity allowing you to grow. 
    • Increased revenues: When you have more integrated teams, functioning at a high level, and with added interaction and cooperation, you are setting your firm up for increased revenues.
    • Increased profits: Highly effective leaders, create highly effective teams. That cuts down on waste, inefficiency, redundancies, and overlap. And that leads to greater profitability. 
    • Greater retention: When you have leaders who instill a sense of pride in the members of their teams, this supports greater retention rates. 
    • Magnetic culture: Word will get out, and when it does, your firm’s ability to attract more talent will improve, and the cycle repeats. 

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