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Who is Gary Mitchell?

Born in Toronto, Canada, Gary’s path has been anything but ordinary. From a young age, his interests in people, history, politics, and sociology hinted at his future endeavors. Gary is a highly regarded author, business coach, and consultant specializing in the legal industry. With over 30 years of career experience, and more than 18 years as a business coach, he has helped lawyers and small law firm owners unlock their full potential and achieve personal, financial, and professional freedom.

Gary’s legal business expertise and proven strategies have allowed him to optimize profitability for law firms without sacrificing valuable time. Gary firmly believes that with any business, the greatest challenge is the people part. He thrives in this domain. Book your complimentary coaching call now, and accelerate your journey to achieve unparalleled success.

Gary Gets Lawyers

Gary understands the lawyer's mind and the way most lawyers think. He gets that common personality traits; analytical, critical thinking, and skepticism, while serving them well in the practice of law, often impede them in excelling with the business side of law.

He gets law firms

Gary understands how the typical business model of a law firm is full of complexities. The competing personalities, generational differences, egos, and hierarchy lend themselves to slower progress.

New Thinking New Results

Gary has an unmatched ability to teach lawyers a different way of thinking about their business, thus helping them to grow and flourish in less time. His 'street smarts' as an entrepreneur are magnetic.

Gary’s Approach

Gary’s approach is unique. He views his time working with lawyers as cutting his teeth as a business coach, a virtual ‘Bootcamp’.  After all, lawyers are widely known to be among the most analytical, critical, and skeptical people on the planet. These traits he believes are essential for their success, and a primary reason their clients seek them out. However, when it comes to the business of law, these very same traits can often hold lawyers back, and limit their growth and success potential.    

Enter Gary. He thrives in the realm of people—the most complex aspect of any business. His lifelong dedication to understanding human dynamics has made him an invaluable coach to lawyers and business leaders. Gary helps his clients master the softer skills often associated with successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. 

From Coaching to Authoring

Gary’s insights extend beyond personal coaching. As an author of three books and hundreds of articles, he has contributed significantly to business strategies within the legal industry.

His role as the creator and host of The LawBiz Podcast further underscores his commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering a community of growth-oriented professionals.

Gary’s Back Story

Law firm marketing

With over 30 years of professional experience spanning various sectors, Gary’s journey is a testament to his versatile expertise and deep understanding of business and people dynamics.

After founding his first business and achieving national recognition, Gary’s passion for politics led him to Vancouver, marking a pivotal moment in his career. It was here, coaching a lawyer candidate for Parliament, that Gary discovered his true calling: coaching and mentoring within the legal industry.

This ‘Ah Ha’ moment paved the way for OnTrac® Coach, a venture dedicated to empowering lawyers and law firms to achieve unprecedented success. 

Working with clients from one-person operations to senior partners at large international firms, Gary expanded his experience and knowledge to include several key business functions: business development, HR, leadership, marketing, operations, organizational structure, and systems.  

His passion for helping lawyers, and business leaders is contagious.  This passion, along with his drive and enthusiasm inspires even the most skeptical. His clients appreciate his ‘street smarts’, intuitive insights, and the results they produce.

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