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Gary Mitchell

Business Coach

Gary Mitchell is a highly regarded author, business coach, and consultant, dedicated to transforming law firms and helping small law firm owners achieve remarkable success. With over 17 years of experience in coaching lawyers, he has developed a deep understanding of the complex business issues facing law firm owners in today’s volatile economy.

As an accomplished author, Gary has written three books focused on the business of law, including his latest publication, ‘Growing a Law Practice During Covid-19,’ which has been widely acclaimed in the legal community. His insightful publications have solidified his reputation as a trusted authority in the industry.

Gary’s passion lies in assisting law firm owners in generating remarkable results. His expertise lies in optimizing profitability without sacrificing valuable time or selling more time for money. Through his innovative strategies and keen insights, he empowers his clients to double their current profits in less than 12 months without additional marketing or advertising expenses.

Recognizing the often-overlooked areas that significantly impact profitability, Gary uses revolutionary business assessment software that quickly pinpoints major profit-draining factors within law firms. He will show you in less than 3 minutes how you can easily double your current profits WITHOUT spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising. His expertise in creating competition-crushing marketing enables smaller law firm owners to outperform their peers and achieve remarkable growth.

In addition to his personalized coaching, Gary’s team has created comprehensive training modules for business owners who prefer a do-it-yourself approach. These modules provide step-by-step guidance, allowing any law firm to instantly generate more leads, close more sales, and experience a dramatic increase in revenue and profits.

Gary’s business growth model is perfectly aligned with the goals of small law firm owners, providing them with the tools and knowledge to turn their visions into reality. As the host of ‘The LawBiz Podcast,’ presented by Answering Legal, Gary shares valuable insights, strategies, and interviews with industry experts to empower law firm owners on their journey to success. The LawBiz Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube. 

With his unwavering commitment and expertise, Gary can help you transform your law firm and achieve unparalleled success. Book a free consultation today to learn how Gary’s transformative approach can drive your firm’s growth and prosperity.

Gary’s Process

First, Gary will help you clarify your vision. Second, he will guide you through proven strategies and actions to realize your goals. Third, he’ll support you to think big, act, and achieve professional success. Because of his trademarked methodology, TST, his clients have reported accelerated growth, increased profitability, peace of mind, and freedom. Gary will help you achieve these outcomes with less effort, in less time, and with greater results. 

He breaks down barriers for clients with his down-to-earth and practical approach to business challenges. He helps you to develop your business skills. For this reason, he has become a go-to coach for lawyers from small firm owners, to international law firm partners. These professionals seek leading-edge guidance on business development, human resources, leadership, marketing, practice management, strategic planning, and succession planning.

Having coached lawyers from coast to coast spanning numerous practice areas and at all stages in their careers, Gary continues to expand and hone his knowledge of the legal industry with every new client engagement. 

Gary’s Programs Include: Managing Partner Growth| Leadership | Transition | Business Development | Practice Management  | Career


Gary’s Published Works

Gary has three published books with Carswell and LexisNexis and well over 200 published articles. Notably, these articles are published in or on: Attorney At Law, Texas Lawyer, Law360, ABA’s Mind Your Business, CBA’s Practice Link, Lexpert, The Lawyers Weekly, and The Lawyers Daily, 

His three published books include; Raindance- The Business Development Guidebook for Lawyers, 2012, Raindance II: A Blueprint for Growing Your Practice, 2014, and his latest, published in June 2021, Growing a Law Practice During Covid-19, is available from LexisNexis.



Client Testimonials

Read what his clients are saying about him here.

Speaking Engagements

Gary is frequently called upon to speak at legal conferences, law schools, and legal marketing events, present workshops, group coaching, and facilitate firm retreats. Read his long list of speaking engagements here.

Giving Back

Gary believes in supporting organizations whose mission is to mentor current and upcoming professionals.

  • Legal Marketing Association – Vancouver Chapter: Founding member, a former board member with roles that included Treasurer, Chair of the Marketing Committee, Co-Chair of the Programming Committee, and event sponsor.
  • Emerson College, Boston MA: Speaker at the first-ever (North American) accredited course on professional services marketing.
  • The University of British Columbia Faculty of Law: Frequent speaker to law students about the business of law and career opportunities.

Gary speaks with Faye Shen, Marketing Manager, at LexisNexis about why he became a business and lawyer coach: