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We hired Gary as our business coach during our law firm’s first year in business. His advice, guidance, and access to other professionals in the legal field have been a huge asset to the growth of our new firm. He has helped us institute systems, establish our brand, and build a resource network. His services are highly recommended to any start-up law firm.
you may be facing. Gary is awesome!!!!

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Gary was essential in helping me get my law practice up and running. I would not have succeeded without Gary keeping me motivated, accountable, and task-orientated. I highly recommend Gary if you are overwhelmed with starting your practice or overwhelmed with keeping your practice going. Gary is familiar with what it takes to run a legal practice and I have no doubt he will be able to help you work through whatever hurdles you may be facing. Gary is awesome!!!!

Business Coaching Tailored Specifically for Law Firms

Launching a new law firm is a bold endeavor, and the proper guidance can make all the difference. Welcome to OnTrac® Coach, where we specialize in Business Coaching tailored specifically for startup law firms. Our coaching is designed to empower you with the strategies, insights, and tools you need to establish a thriving law practice right from the beginning. Where you are at the concept stage, have recently opened your new law firm, or are in the beginning stages of growth, we are here to shorten your path to success.  

Why Choose

Why Choose OnTrac® Coach for Your Law Firm Startup?

Law firm coaching

At OnTrac® Coach, we understand the unique challenges that startup law firms face in the competitive legal landscape. Our Business Coaching is meticulously crafted to address these challenges head-on and provide you with a roadmap to success. Here’s how partnering with OnTrac® Coach can benefit your startup law firm:

  • Customized Approach: We recognize that every startup law firm has distinct needs and goals. Our coaching is tailored to your specific circumstances, ensuring that you receive targeted guidance and solutions.
  • Actionable Strategies: Our coaching isn’t just theoretical; it’s practical and actionable. We provide you with tangible strategies that you can implement immediately to establish a strong foundation for your law practice.
  • Proven Track Record: Join the ranks of startup law firms that have achieved remarkable growth through our coaching. Explore our success stories to witness how OnTrac® Coach has propelled legal startups to new heights.

    With OnTrac®

    What You’ll Gain

    Law firm coaching

    Our Business Coaching for Startup Law Firms will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to build a successful and sustainable law practice. Here’s what you can expect to achieve:

    • Strategic Planning: Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your firm’s vision, mission, target market, and growth strategies.
    • Effective Marketing: Learn how to market your startup law firm effectively and attract clients through strategic branding, online presence, and networking.
    • Client Acquisition: Master client acquisition techniques to help you build a strong client base and establish your reputation in the legal community.
    • Operational Excellence: Gain insights into efficient practice management, resource allocation, and financial strategies that ensure your firm’s operational success.
    • Team Building: If you’re expanding your team, we’ll guide you in assembling the right talent and fostering a collaborative work environment.

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