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From ‘Startup’ to ‘Growth’, and through to ‘Succession Planning and Retirement’, my consulting services will save you time and money, make you more of it, and get you where you want to be considerably faster than if you go it alone!

The ‘typical’ consultant model is to come in, identify your challenges, interview your people, and leave you with some strategies and steps to take towards achieving your goals-information. While often valuable and wise, this information alone, without implementation is worthless.

My consulting approach goes farther. I bring a coaching background to consulting. What does that mean? In addition to providing you with proven strategies and approaches, you will get the guidance, support, and be held accountable to implement these strategies and realize your goals. Having worked with lawyers from solo shops right up to national firms, I have a diverse set of skills and experience to pass on to you.

Consulting will support your vision and strategy– ‘The Plan’; while Coaching will support ‘The Implementation’. Together, they are your winning formula for success. That is what you get with OnTrac®



  • Strategic planning
  • Innovation strategies; growth, profitability, and service
  • Management/Leadership
  • Change management
  • Lawyer interviews
  • Staff interviews
  • Client interviews
  • Conducting time audits with your lawyers and paralegals to support increased delegation, productivity and seamless workflow, (increased profitability)
  • Conducting marketing audits with your lawyers to determine where their time is best invested

Gary is an invaluable help to anyone thinking of starting their own law practice. The one time I did not follow Gary’s advise, I ended up wasting thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Invest in Gary and you will always be thankful for his thoughtful tips!

-Leena Yousefi, Founder, YLaw Group

We hired Gary as our business coach during our law firm’s first year in business. His advice, guidance and access to other professionals in the legal field has been a huge asset to the growth of our new firm. He has helped us institute systems, establish our brand and build a resource network. His services are highly recommended to any start-up law firm.

-Kara Duncan, Co-Founder, Duncan Allen Law

Gary was essential in helping me getting my law practice up and running. I would not have succeeded without Gary keeping me motivated, accountable and task orientated. I highly recommend Gary if you are overwhelmed with starting your own practice or overwhelmed with keeping your practice going. Gary is familiar with what it takes to run a legal practice and I have no doubt he will be able to help you work through whatever hurdles you may be facing. Gary is awesome!!!!

-Andrea Peterson, Founder, ACE Legal


  • Branding
  • Collateral materials
  • Media relations
  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship’s
  • Web site development or revamping

As we approach our 6th year anniversary in business, I have to say we’ve done well. I engaged Gary to help us take it up a notch to Great. He is advising me on industry standards for compensation, structure, and workflow. He is also helping my firm to adopt a culture of client 1st approaches and business development.

-Andrew Monkhouse, Founder and Managing Partner, Monkhouse Law

Gary and I worked on a coaching engagement shortly after I had set up an office in a new practice. He helped me to think critically about my business and develop a workable plan that is integral to the growth I am now experiencing. I also benefited from the variety of tools and contacts he was able to bring which provided support I was missing on my own. Lastly, and most important was the timely follow up, support and encouragement to push through when things didn’t go as planned. If you are a lawyer looking to go out on your own or grow your practice, I highly suggest you get in touch with Gary.

-Arthur Olsen, Founder, Compass Tax Law


  • Recruitment
  • On boarding new talent
  • Retention strategies
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance review criteria
  • Partner benchmarks
  • Compensation and bonus structures
  • Mission & Culture Development
  • Firm retreats
  • Practice group retreats
  • Team retreats

Working with Gary has enabled us to change the way we practice law. He has opened our eyes to new possibilities in law firm management, helped us define our goals and put us on a plan to accomplish them. He was a great help in assisting us in hiring a new employee- right from drafting the online ad to interviewing the candidates. He has connected us with other key professionals to assist us with practical firm management, fee structures and client management. Gary has definitely helped us work towards building the business and life that we have been dreaming of. 

-Laura Allen, Co-Founder, Duncan Allen Law

If you’re reading this testimonial, you probably don’t know Gary Mitchell the way I know him. About five years ago, I stumbled across his book on rainmaking online and decided to read it. I was most impressed. That then led me to reach out to him and discuss the role that he could play in my law firm.  I then hired Gary to coach various staff members who went on to become exceptionally productive, increased our firm revenues and, most importantly, dramatically improved their happiness quotient at work. I have since consulted with Gary on many occasions and will continue to do so. For small to medium size firms who cannot afford to have an in-house productivity specialist on payroll, Gary is your man.

-Steven Benmor, Principal, Benmor Family Law Group

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