The Lawyers Weekly: Ontario law society launches Coach and Advisor Network

Gary’s column from The Lawyers Weekly, January 20 2017

Traditionally as part of their day- to-day work, young lawyers turned to more senior members of their firm when they needed answers to thorny legal questions and guidance on building a suc- cessful practice. Times have changed. Today client demands for rapid-fire service, the growth of large national, even multi- national law firms and increasing numbers of people entering the profession have combined to make informal mentoring much more difficult.

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Raindance 2: A Blueprint for Growing Your Practice

Due out September 24, 2014 from Carswell is my second book aimed at helping lawyers and law firms grow. In this edition I take you through my proprietary methodology TST™, Targeted, Strategic and Tactical. Working with Lawyers these past nine years I developed systems and processes allowing you to get more clients with less time invested. When you become more targeted, strategic and tactical in your approaches, you will see better results.

There are two editions, one for lawyers at large firms, and one for lawyers in small firms. The small firm edition includes an entire chapter aimed at law firm leaders wishing to grow the firm. It includes:

  • Becoming more effective as a leader
  • Delegating
  • Balancing Lawyering, leading, and rainmaking
  • Engaging your entire team in business development
  • Compensation models to reward your people and incentivise them to achieve
  • Recruitment
  • Succession planning

If you are looking to grow your firm or practice, this book is a must read. You can pre-order it online from Carswell. Just follow this link. http://www.carswell.com//product-search/?qa=prod&qt=Raindance


My accountant and my Bulldog

I keep asking my accountant if I can write off my Bulldog. He gets me places where I network and meet new clients. Shouldn’t that be eligible? He also makes for a good guard dog. Another reason why I should be able to write him off. Just a thought.

GEM is now On Trac

As of Tuesday July 19, 2011, GEM Communications is now operating as On Trac. We have the same great team and suite of coaching programs, only the name has changed.