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I’ve been really pleased to work with Gary on my networking and business development skills. When we first started, I dreaded networking events and didn’t have any focus on my business development efforts. With his practical tips and guidance, I’ve found Gary to be a tremendous help. After working with Gary, I now enjoy going to networking events and have developed business development skills that are targeted, effective, and most importantly, that are true to me.

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Working with Gary has completely changed the way that I approach the practice of law. His breadth of expertise and individual-centric approach to business and practice development have helped shape me into an ever-more efficient, conscientious, and goals-oriented lawyer. Gary’s greatest attributes, however, might be in his ability to motivate and relate on an interpersonal level – after every one of our sessions, I leave knowing that Gary is as invested in my progression and success as I am. I would recommend him to anyone, legally trained or otherwise. true to me.”


What you can expect from OnTrac® Coach

Welcome to a journey of transformation, where the possibilities for your legal career are limitless. Whether you find yourself in a vulnerable position, striving for excellence, or ready to build a thriving law firm, Gary, the seasoned Business Coach for Lawyers, is here to be your guiding force. Embrace this opportunity to achieve your goals faster, with increased income, efficiency, and fulfillment.

In each scenario, Gary’s mentorship offers a roadmap to increased income, efficiency, and productivity. By trusting in his guidance, you can achieve your career goals faster and with less effort. With his expertise, you will learn to become more targeted and strategic in your approaches, growing your own book of business with ease. Gary will encourage you to trust your instincts and provide a trusted space to brainstorm your ideas, giving you more control in your career.

So, are you ready to unlock your full potential in the legal world? Embrace the transformation, and let Gary be your partner in success. Together, you will embark on a journey of growth, fulfillment, and achievement, propelling your legal career to unprecedented heights.


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The Vulnerable Position

New to Business Development

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Imagine you, a skilled attorney, suddenly find yourself in a vulnerable situation. Perhaps you changed firms. Or, your reliable book of business vanished overnight. The Partner who consistently fed you work has moved on, leaving you with uncertainty about how to attract clients independently. Up until now, business development was not a concern, and the thought of bringing in your own clients seems daunting. The pressure to succeed and the fear of failure looming over you, casting doubt on your abilities and leaving you uncertain about the future.

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Fast forward to the future, where you have mastered the art of business development. Your practice or firm is now flourishing. You have become adept at attracting clients and maintaining a steady stream of new business. The skills you have acquired have not only propelled your career forward but have also spilled over into your personal life. The fulfillment and satisfaction you experience in your work have positively influenced other aspects of your life. Your confidence has grown, and you feel more in control of your destiny.

So, how do you transition from your current vulnerable state to the future where you are successful in business development? Gary has the solution for you. By working with Gary, you will benefit from the expertise he has shared with hundreds of lawyers facing similar challenges. He will guide you through the process, significantly reducing the learning curve and eliminating uncertainty.

Under Gary’s mentorship, you will not only become skilled at business development but will also learn to enjoy the process. The stress and anxiety that once burdened you will evaporate as you gain more freedom and control in your career. With Gary’s help, you will become more fulfilled with your practice and career, just like many of his successful clients.

Striving for Excellence

Business is good, but you know it can be better

Law firm coaching

Up until now, you have enjoyed a successful legal career with a decent practice and a comfortable living. However, deep down, you know that there is untapped potential within you. You believe you can do better and achieve even greater success, but you are uncertain about where to begin. The desire for guidance and direction in maximizing your potential weighs on your mind.

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Now, fast forward to the future, where you have leaped into a journey of personal and professional growth. You have unlocked the doors to your full potential, empowering you to take your legal career to new heights. You have honed your business development skills, attracting higher-profile clients and more rewarding files.

You have implemented strategic marketing tactics that showcase your expertise and set you apart from your competitors. The steady flow of high-quality leads has allowed you to expand your practice and increase your revenue significantly. As you step into your full potential, you notice that your confidence has soared, and you now approach challenges with a newfound sense of determination.

Embracing Success

You can transform your aspirations into reality by seeking guidance from Gary. While you have achieved success in your legal career thus far, the opportunity for growth and excellence lies ahead. Gary’s expertise and support will serve as a compass, pointing you in the right direction to unlock your full potential.

Embrace the knowledge and guidance that Gary offers, and you will discover the keys to take your practice to unparalleled heights. He will help you refine your business development strategies, refine your marketing efforts, and strategically position yourself in the legal landscape. With Gary’s mentorship, you can confidently overcome obstacles and navigate the path to success.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from reaching your full potential. Take the first step toward a more fulfilling and prosperous legal career by partnering with Gary. Together, you will chart a course toward excellence, realizing the success and satisfaction that you have always known you were capable of achieving.

Ambitious Growth Beyond Yourself

Ready for accelerated growth for your practice?

Law firm coaching

Having achieved considerable success on your own, you now stand at a crucial crossroads in your legal career. The time has come to expand beyond yourself and build a team around you to increase capacity. The prospect excites you, but it also brings forth a mix of emotions. As you envision the future, you are confronted with uncertainty and fear of making mistakes that could impact the trajectory of your dream.


Fast forward to the future, where you have overcome your fears and uncertainties. You have confidently navigated the path to building a thriving law practice. You have a clear roadmap and actionable strategies to realize your vision.

You have laid the foundation for your practice growth, from creating a compelling brand identity to attracting top-notch legal talent. You devise effective marketing and business development strategies that showcase your strengths and unique value proposition. As a result, your reputation has grown, attracting a steady stream of clients seeking your specialized services.

As you see your practice flourish, you recognize that your fears have transformed into determination and excitement for the future.

Transforming Your Vision into Reality

Building a law practice beyond yourself may seem daunting, but with Gary by your side, you can confidently embark on this transformative journey. His guidance and expertise will give you the tools and knowledge to navigate the challenges, turning your dream into a reality.

Take the leap, and let Gary teach you the ins and outs of growing a team around you. With his support, you can overcome your fears, make informed decisions, and lead your team to unprecedented success. Embrace the opportunity to expand beyond yourself, knowing that Gary’s mentorship will empower you to build a thriving law practice and leave a lasting impact in the legal industry. Work with Gary, and together, you will unlock the full potential of your vision and create a legacy of success in your legal career.

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