OnTrac® Business Development Coaching

Gain more control and freedom in your career with a Lawyer Coach.

When you can build your own book of business, you will have the advantage of picking and choosing your clients. You will learn to balance your billable time with your business development efforts when you follow our proven tips and strategies. This is not about making more work for yourself. This is about working smarter and creating a more fulfilling and lucrative law practice.


What you can expect from OnTrac® 

    • Increased income
    • Improved efficiency, discipline, and productivity 
    • To shorten your learning curve
    • Reach your goals faster, and with less effort
    • To increase your billable hours
    • Increased career fulfillment
      • To become more targeted and strategic with your approaches
      • To grow your own book of business faster and with less effort
      • To learn how to trust your instincts
      • To have more control in your career
      • To have a trusted advisor to brainstorm your ideas with


    If you can show me that after following my advice, strategies, and approaches you have not achieved at least a 300% ROI, I will give you a FULL REFUND!

    I am now our firm’s Office Management Partner in Calgary. The BD coaching certainly helped to put me on a path to building my practice and succeeding as a leader.  Thanks Gary!

    -Adam Maerov, Office Management Partner, McMillan LLP Calgary


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