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OnTrac® Business Development Coaching

When you attract your own work, you take more control of your career, the type of work that lands on your desk, and the types of clients that you serve.

Investing in mastering business development skills will benefit you and your firm in the short and long run. Non-billable time becomes more effective and focused and you will gain fundamental, yet essential skills.


What you can expect from OnTrac® 

  • Increased income
  • Improved efficiency, discipline and productivity with respect to non-billable time
  • To reach your goals faster, and with less effort
  • To increase your billable hours
  • Improved understanding and connections with key clients and prospects
  • Improved job satisfaction
    • To become more targeted and strategic with your approaches
    • To grow your own book of business faster and with less effort
    • To build more discipline and accountability into your business development efforts
    • To learn how to trust your instincts
    • To have more control in your career
    • To enjoy more job satisfaction

I am now our firm’s Office Management Partner in Calgary. The BD coaching certainly helped to put me on a path to building my practice and succeeding as a leader.  Thanks Gary!

-Adam Maerov, Office Management Partner, McMillan LLP Calgary


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