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If you are focused on the business of law, in other words, growing your practice or firm, I’ve introduced a podcast series you won’t want to miss. Law- It’s a Business. Each month I look at another angle of the business of law and provide proven and practical strategies aimed at helping you grow. Click on the play button below to watch.

The Lawyers Weekly: Ontario law society launches Coach and Advisor Network

Gary’s column from The Lawyers Weekly, January 20 2017

Traditionally as part of their day- to-day work, young lawyers turned to more senior members of their firm when they needed answers to thorny legal questions and guidance on building a suc- cessful practice. Times have changed. Today client demands for rapid-fire service, the growth of large national, even multi- national law firms and increasing numbers of people entering the profession have combined to make informal mentoring much more difficult.

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THE LAWYERS WEEKLY: Growing your firm presents new challenges

Gary’s column from The Lawyers Weekly, February 5 2016

It’s one thing to go out on your own and create your own solo practice, but it’s another to build a firm. It’s a lot of chicken egg, but I advise my clients to prepare for the fact you will grow.

The first step would be to create a plan that would include target market research, competitive intelligence, talent sourcing and location of office space. Since you will be hiring, is a move necessary?

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THE LAWYERS WEEKLY: Standout Service Makes a Firm Stand Out

Gary’s column from The Lawyers Weekly, November 18 2016

Be honest: is your firm doing everything it can to better serve your clients? Are your lawyers taking the time to really get to know and understand the needs of your clients and the big picture view?

Before you go out and spend money on your marketing initiatives, ensure you are helping your lawyers better serve your clients, building valuable business partnerships, and truly understanding the needs and challenges, ensuring better alignment and increased value.

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THE LAWYERS WEEKLY: Presentations can set stage to reel in clients

Gary’s column from The Lawyers Weekly, August 12 2016

 Giving presentations, workshops and taking part in other speaking opportunities are one of many business building tools you can use to build your practice. They are good for networking by adding people to your contact list, building profile and expertise in your subject area and building profile (name recognition) and relationships in your target audience

So with that in mind, you can set up goals that you are able to measure. How many quality people are you meeting by speaking? How many of those are you able to move from find to build. Then how many of those are you able to get to the discover stage. And finally, how many people are you getting to the stage where you offer your services and they agree to hire you?

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