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What does Covid mean for you?

What does Covid mean for you?

(September 9, 2020, 1:58 PM EDT) — COVID-19 is the largest global disruption in modern history. And what history tells us is that we are never going back to the way things were before, at least not completely.

Navigating disruption can be incredibly challenging. But it can also be exciting. It is not all bad. It forces us to become more innovative and creative. It forces us to make changes and do things differently that we would not likely have done on our own. Being ahead of the curve and creating new products and services helps us cope with our new reality.

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Check your ego

Check your ego

Check your ego at the door before reading this post. (Disclaimer) My clients do NOT fall into this trap. 

Why is it that you try to be all things? Why not focus on your strengths? Be the best lawyer you can be and then surround yourself with a team of professionals that will help you reach your goals faster then if you try to do it all on your own?

In the 15 and more years I have been coaching lawyers, I run into this all the time during a consultation. You are building your own website. You are taking on tasks that can easily and more efficiently be delegated to another professional at a fraction of the cost to you, while freeing up more of your time for billables and getting more clients.

Frankly I am still surprised at how many people fall into this trap. It’s simple math really. Take your hourly rate and minus what you would pay a paralegal, or assistant, or IT professional. Guess what? That’s money (profits) you are leaving on the table. And if your not stealing time away from billable work to complete these tasks, you’re stealing it away from business development, growth and profitability.

How about for one day you be the lawyer, that’s it. Just be the lawyer.

The Power of Happy

The Power of Happy

We are in unprecedented times. We are surrounded with negative. It’s become increasingly challenging to stay positive. Yet geting and remaining positive is perhaps the most important thing we can do for ourselves, our clients, our friends, our family, and our communities.

Here are some thoughts on how to focus on being happy.

  1. Spend time (virtually or in-person) with people that make you happy.
  2. Listen to your favorite music.
  3. Cook (or order in), your favorite food.
  4. Watch your favorite movies.
  5. Walk a little longer with your dog.
  6. Be grateful for everyone and everything in your life right now.
  7. Help someone else.
  8. Spend more time in nature.
  9. Tend to your garden.
  10. Bake your best goodies for your friends and neighbors.
  11. Get those old photo albums out, (or go through your phone),  and spend some time reliving your favorite memories.
  12. Avoid the news, or at least keep it to a minimum, (10 minutes per day) just to stay informed.
  13. Make the decision that today you are going to be happy.

Happiness is a decision. Will you make the decision to be happy today? I did.