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Articles Published

Gary has had articles published on The Lawyers Daily, in The Lawyers Weekly, Lexpert, BC-CBA ‘Bartalk’, BCLMA-‘Topics’, CBA’s ‘Practice Link’, and ABA’s ‘Mind Your Business’. Below you will find a selection of articles from The Lawyers Weekly dating back to 2011. 


When The Lawyers Weekly became The Lawyers Daily in March of 2017, they went digital. You can find Gary’s monthly column on The Lawyers Daily, entitled ‘The Coach’ here.

 Ontario law society launches Coach and Adviser Network  (The Lawyers Weekly, January 20th 2017)

 Standout Service Makes a Firm Stand Out (The Lawyers Weekly, November 18th 2016)

 Your Insights Have Value, So Start Sharing (The Lawyers Weekly, October 7th 2016)

 Networking Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain (The Lawyers Weekly, September 9 2016)

 Presentations Can Set Stage To Reel In Clients (The Lawyers Weekly, August 12 2016)

 Embrace Innovation Or Risk Becoming A Dinosaur (The Lawyers Weekly, June 3 2016)

 Build reputation with help of media relations (The Lawyers Weekly, April 22 2016)

 It Is Essential To Build Relationships On The Way Up (The Lawyers Weekly, March 25 2016)

 Growing Your Firm Presents New Challenges (The Lawyers Weekly, February 5 2016)

 Big Changes Start Small (The Lawyers Weekly, November 6, 2015)

 Moving Beyond the Billable Hour (The Lawyers Weekly, October 9, 2015)

 Target Market Research (The Lawyers Weekly, September 15, 2015)

 Mastering the Follow Through (The Lawyers Weekly, August 27, 2015)

 Wave of Change (The Lawyers Weekly, August 14th, 2015)

 Bencher Election LSUC (The Lawyers Weekly, March 27th, 2015)

 Aging Partners (The Lawyers Weekly, February 27, 2015)

 When disruption means opportunity (The Lawyers Weekly, Aug 2014)

 Transforming your firm into a business team (The Lawyers Weekly, June 2014)

 Set clear targets to get best results possible (The Lawyers Weekly, May 2014)

 It’s better to have several rainmakers instead of one (The Lawyers Weekly, Apr 2014)

 Client events more than just saying thanks (The Lawyers Weekly, Mar 2014)

 Changing practice areas can revive your career (The Lawyers Weekly, Feb 2014)

 Short term savings might mean long term losses (The Lawyers Weekly, Jan 2014)

 Creating a Business Development Culture (The Lawyers Weekly, Nov 2013)

 Client Relations and Business Development (The Lawyers Weekly, Sept 2013)

 Business Development and Law Clerks (The Lawyers Weekly, Aug 2013)

 Succession Planning (The Lawyers Weekly, June 2013)

 Are you ready to grow your practice? (The Lawyers Weekly, May 2013)

 Creating your practice plan Part Four (The Lawyers Weekly, April 2013)

 Creating your practice plan Part Three (The Lawyers Weekly, March 2013)

 Creating your practice plan Part Two (The Lawyers Weekly, February 2013)

 Creating your practice plan Part One (The Lawyers Weekly, January 2013)

 Business development overview part two (The Lawyers Weekly, December 2012)

 Business development overview part one (The Lawyers Weekly, November 2012)

 Creating a mastermind group (The Lawyers Weekly, October 2012)

 Creating your blog (The Lawyers Weekly, September 2012)

 Starting a new client relationship (The Lawyers Weekly, August 2012)

 Measuring results (The Lawyers Weekly, July 2012) When you are engaged in business development, you should be measuring your success. Here is how to do that.

 Using LinkedIn (The Lawyers Weekly, June 2012) Looking to unravel the mystery? Find out how you can attract new clients using LinkedIn.

 Changing direction? (The Lawyers Weekly, May 2012) If you find yourself needing to change practice areas, here is a ‘how to’.

 Training and coaching (The Lawyers Weekly, April 2012) If you are uncertain how to begin to help your lawyers better understand and become effective at business development, this article is for you.

 Navigating partnership (The Lawyers Weekly, March 2012) If you are looking to speed up the path to partnership or ways to go from non-equity to full equity partner, read this.

 In uncertain times (The Lawyers Weekly, November 2011) If the economy has you down, there is reason to keep your chin up. It’s not bad news for every lawyer and every practice area, in fact it’s good news for some.

 Managing your time (The Lawyers Weekly, July 2011) The issue of time management comes up more often when I am working with my clients. If you don’t have effective systems to manage your time, you won’t be that keen on adding time to your schedule for business development and marketing your practice.

 Business development for associates (The Lawyers Weekly, March 2011) I am often asked when giving presentations on lawyer marketing, what should associates be doing to build for the future and lay the ground work for a successful career? There are many things junior associates can start to do to speed up the partner track and build your own book of business.

 Client relationships (The Lawyers Weekly, February 2011) As a lawyer have you found it challenging to attract new clients and bring in new work? Do you sometimes get frustrated with the lack of results for your efforts?