Who Are We?

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Our Vision

A legal profession and industry with more humanity. 


To empower lawyers to create more in their careers.


Be bold. Lead with integrity. Create impact. Have fun. 

Since 2006, our mission at OnTrac® Coach has been to empower lawyers to create more in their careers. More of whatever they or you are seeking; more time, more freedom, more control, more fulfillment, more revenues.

Working with lawyers from solo-practice start-ups to senior partners with international firms, and everything in between, we have amassed great knowledge and insights into the legal industry and lawyers.


Are you ready for more in your career? 


Quickly and Effectivly

Maximize Growth & Increase Profits

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Results For Lawyers With OnTrac® 

  • You will experience an ROI of between 10 – 30 times your program investment
  • Essentially more freedom in and over your career
  • More time to focus on the parts of your law practice you love most
  • More enjoyment, fulfillment
  • Improved time-management and organizational skills leading to higher productivity and less stress
  • Increased profitability with improved productivity

Results For Law Firms With OnTrac®

  • You will experience an ROI of between 10 – 30 times your program investment
  • Increased profitability through:
    • Improved productivity
    • Increased ROI for your marketing efforts with your lawyers aligning their efforts with the overall strategy of the firm
    • Increased client satisfaction supporting client retention and further revenue growth from existing clients
    • Increased lawyer and staff retention through increased fulfillment among your lawyers
    • Increased new client acquisition
    • Improved morale gained through a more cohesive culture and team approach
    • Your next leaders will emerge from developing new business skills
    • Improved recruitment efforts when your firm gains the reputation of investing in your lawyer’s success


How We Work

The OnTrac® Coach Approach

Law firm coaching

Many of the skills required to succeed in business are diametrically opposed to those that make for great lawyers.

Adopting new skills takes time to learn, absorb, and most importantly, to put into practice until such time these new skills become 2nd nature, (new habits). In designing our coaching programs for lawyers, we have found the most effective formula, producing the greatest results comes from the exact combination of content, frequency, duration, and delivery. We have mastered that.

Lawyers can learn this on their own. They are smart. Many law firms have discovered, as we have, that group training and coaching can only take you so far. Lawyers are not known to admit deficiencies or weaknesses in front of their peers. They do not open up in group sessions. This limits how much actual learning can take place in groups.

Working one-on-one with a coach, lawyers learn these skills faster. They learn business skills best, in the same way they have learned how to become a great lawyer, with practice. That is where the real value comes from. With the right platform and the right coach, to hold them to account, advise, brainstorm, inspire, motivate, and support them through practicing these new skills.


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