The LawBiz Podcast™ With Gary Mitchell: The Dynamic Duo

About our guests: Kara Duncan is one of the founding partners of Duncan Allen Law LLP, is the managing partner, and represents clients on a variety of family law related topics. Kara celebrates, respects, and supports diverse and non-traditional families, whether they are blended families, foster families, LGBTQ families, multi-generational families, or whatever “family” means to you. She has assisted with the growth of families through adoption and surrogacy as well as guided clients through the restructuring of their relationship or family. Laura Allen works closely with her clients to ensure that they do not just survive their separation or divorce, but successfully transition to a secure and stable new chapter of life by obtaining workable and lasting solutions. For Laura, this means taking the time to get to know her client so that together they can craft a legal strategy best suited to her client’s goals and needs. Laura takes a holistic approach to her files, often referring clients to divorce coaches, child specialists, financial specialists, accountants, counsellors and psychologists to ensure that her clients and their children successfully transition into their new stage of life. Learn more about Kara and Laura's firm here: https://duncanallenlaw.com/
Welcome to episode 6 of The LawBiz Podcast™, hosted by lawyer coach Gary Mitchell! For this conversation, Gary is joined by Kara Duncan and Laura Allen, partners at Duncan Allen Law LLP. Topics of discussion for this episode include why Kara and Laura decided to go out on their own early on in their careers, how putting systems in place can help firms navigate through life's biggest challenges, and why lawyers should never settle for a career that doesn't make them happy.

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