Legal Marketing- The Evolution Part One

This episode was recorded in front of a live virtual audience at Answering Legal’s 2023 Law Firm Summer Reboot Camp. Topics of discussion for this episode include how the world has evolved during Heather’s 25 years as a legal marketer, why the future of law is so hard to predict, creating a business model for the new world and much more! Stay tuned for part two of Gary’s conversation with Heather! About our guest: Heather Morse began her legal marketing career in 1998, after spending 10 years working with non-profit and member service organizations. During her legal marketing career, she has served in senior marketing and business development positions in firms ranging in size from 40 attorneys to more than 1000. She works closely with firm leadership crafting strategies to drive the firm’s business development, directly contributing to the firm’s top line. This podcast is produced and edited by Joe Galotti. You can reach Joe via email at joe@answeringlegal.com.
Welcome to episode 4 of The LawBiz Podcast™, hosted by lawyer coach Gary Mitchell! For this conversation, Gary is joined by Heather Morse, Chief Business Development Officer at McGlinchey Stafford.

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