As I wrote in the preface of my latest book, Growing a Law Practice during Covid-19: “Just a short while ago the concept of allowing lawyers and support staff to work from home seemed like a pipe dream. It could never work. The sky would fall. Nothing would get done. And then along came Covid-19 and kicked the world and the legal industry in the ass! And the sky didn’t fall. And the work got done!”

Basically, COVID-19 forced the legal industry out of the dark ages, into the 21st century, and pretty much, overnight. There was resistance, of course. But as time went on, people adapted, the glitches and challenges were worked out. And, what many people discovered is that their productivity went up, and they were able to create more balance in their lives.

In case you are considering taking your practice or firm virtual, here are some things to consider.

Expanded client pool

How large a market do you want to serve? You don’t have to be restricted by geographical limitations anymore. You can be licensed in one province or state and work from anywhere. Clients are also used to working with their lawyers virtually. So, it no longer means limiting your business development and marketing to your neighbourhood.

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