positive  We all get them, those pesky Negative thoughts. It might be when you are waiting to hear back from a potential client and you don’t know why it’s taking so long for them to get back to you? Do you find yourself going negative? Coming up with a back story that may or may not be true? Or waiting to hear that a deal has closed. Whatever it may be, how well does that serve you?

How about turning those negative thoughts into positive action? So instead of being in ‘scarcity’ worrying about where the next file will come from, pick up the phone and call a client. Invite a prospect out for lunch. Write an article. Look at your client list and see who you can reach out to?

Negative thoughts often come as ‘warning signs’. Use those warnings in a positive way and get into action. Your goal should be to get to a point where you have so much positive around you, you don’t have time to think, wait, dwell or create a story (negative). You are simply in positive action.  #businesscoach #intoaction #moveforward