audience  I have been reluctant to voice my opinion on all that has been going on in the USA. No more! It looks like Donald Trump’s campaign promise of “Make America Great Again” is coming to fruition. But not in the way he imagined. Because this guy is the ultimate scum of the earth (I’m being polite), he has inspired millions of every-day people to speak up, speak out, and speak loudly. Look at the #metoo movement and the #neveragain movement. It’s happening-America is becoming GREAT again.

Although I am a very proud Canadian, I have travelled throughout the US. I have countless American friends (some of whom may be offended by this post), and I have always felt welcome whenever I travel there. To sit back and watch what has happened to their country and not say anything is past me. Silence no more!

I am so inspired by the kids in Florida. In less than two weeks they have mobilized more people, engaged more people and brought the issue of gun control to the forefront more than any politician in history. Keep the conversations alive! That is the highest way we can honour the victims.

This is proof that every voice counts!