With competition for talent at an all-time high, (at least for recent years), doesn’t it make sense to ensure new hires are given every opportunity to succeed when they join your team?

Your firm/company spends a great deal of time and money attracting talent. And in any professional service industry, talent is YOUR PRODUCT. For pennies on the dollar that you invest on attracting your new talent, you can invest in making sure they have every opportunity to thrive. This can involve many things. Creating a formal mentoring program where senior talent is properly matched up to give your junior talent a helping hand. Provide regular and consistent feedback so your talent is told and shown how they can learn and grow.

And, in my experience bringing in outside coaches to help your new talent with the transition can go a long way to ensuring their learning curve happens faster. Help them build internal relationships. Help align them with the strategic direction of your firm or company. Help them understand and adapt to your culture. Help them get a running start from the moment they arrive.