The ones I’ve worked aren’t. One of the challenges they face is not having role models that match their values. In the legal industry a lot of the very senior lawyers have not exactly led a healthy lifestyle. Overworked and stressed out most of the time, and many of them on their 2nd, 3rd or 4th marriages. They don’t seem happy.

Millennials don’t see this path for themselves. While they are fully committed to their career advancement, they also want to have a life. They are not willing to sacrifice their health or the pursuit of having at least some life balance to work more. That is not lazy, that’s smart!

Times are a changing. Values are changing. This is the way most people think of what they want from life these days. Given the fact that they are the talent pool, I feel more companies and firms need to more to address these concerns.

Another interesting point about Millennials is that they are hungry for knowledge. They are keen to learn and grow. If they don’t get this opportunity they are more likely to look for it elsewhere. The simple remedy is to provide ongoing opportunities for them to learn, grow, and challenge themselves.