Working with my clients, they often ask me how they can deal with negative thoughts. I am actually working on coming up with a new term or phrase for that. Because when you change your mindset around those thoughts, they can actually turn out to be quite positive. It’s how you react to them that makes the difference. #positivethoughts

For example, some thought comes over you. You’re not sure why, but it doesn’t feel good. Instead of trying to get rid of it, or avoiding it, try embracing it. Ask it, “Why is it appearing now?” Ask yourself, “What can you learn from it?” These thoughts are your subconscious, your instincts, trying to alert you to something. That’s ok, warning signs are often positive when you take that message and get into action.

Try it, practice it the next time what you perceive to be a negative thought comes over you. If you happen to come up with a better term for it, please let me know.