Too many clients put way too much pressure on themselves when contemplating a networking event. Over the holidays I took a vacation in La Paz Mexico. On the very first morning as I was having my coffee out by the pool, i ran into a couple of guys. We got talking about various subjects. At that point I simply introduced myself, “hello I’m Gary”. One of the guys asked me if he could guess what I do for a living. I said sure with a smirk on my face. He asked, “Are you a lawyer?” I said, no, but you’re close. I’m a lawyer coach. He immediately got curious and started asking me all kinds of questions. It turns out he is a legal recruiter from NYC and has been in business for 26 years. All kinds of ideas came to him about how we could work together. This on Christmas Eve in La Paz Mexico. It all started with ‘hello’. It just goes to prove that we can ‘network’ anywhere anytime. So take the pressure off and start with ‘hello’.