When you see your competitor all over social media all the time, or in the mainstream media all the time, chances are very good that they have someone or even a team of people helping them. Think about it. How can they have time to serve their clients and be doing so much marketing at the same time?

When someone needs a lawyer they go to you (hopefully). So why is it when you need to improve your marketing and business development efforts you don’t go to an expert for help? You keep doing the same things over and over or you just stop altogether out of frustration. Come on, you’re a smart person. This isn’t rocket science. You’re a lawyer. Focus your time and efforts on lawyering and generating more work, and then surround yourself with people who have the skills and knowledge you don’t and reach out to them for support. One of the rules I create for my clients is this. If you’re not doing the work or focused on generating it, then delegate. Then just watch your practice/firm grow.