I know it’s tough out there right now. Lawyers are being squeezed from top to bottom. And the challenges are not always the same. Let me be clear. But it doesn’t have to be all ‘doom and gloom’. There are opportunities to get out there and re-invent ‘you’, be a part of the change, even lead the change.

A great example of leading the change (and capitalizing on it at the same time), comes from a Family Law Lawyer in the Toronto area. Recognizing the number of people self-representing themselves in Family Court is growing at a staggering rate due to rising legal costs, and greater access to information, he created a self-serve website to help educate people who were going to do it on their own. They can pick and choose from an a la carte menu the services they want without having to retain his firm for the entire process. He even offers coaching for the clients to show them how to do it. Brilliant! So Instead of losing out because of this challenge, he found a way to be a part of it and still bring in revenue. I feel this is an excellent example of understanding the challenges in the market you serve, and creating solutions that you can capitalize on. Check it out. FamilyLawHelp.ca