I know this is a real challenge for some of you to balance your own lawyering, with leading your team and rainmaking. There is no one-size fits all formula for how much time you spend on each area. But think about where you are most valuable.

If you are relatively new to growing your firm a good model for your time would look like 50% lawyering, 30% Rainmaking and 20% leading. As you grow, that number should look more like 50% Rainmaking, 30% leading and 20% lawyering. In order to grow you have to leverage your time and allocate it where it will produce maximum results.

You should also be leveraging your people as much as possible. Depending on you and how much of the day-to-day lawyering you want to stick with will determine if that lawyering % gets even lower. That leads me into the next section nicely.