As leaders of small firms, it’s really important that you engage, inspire and motivate your people to be the best they can be. Although you are very busy balancing between rain-making, lawyering, and managing your people the more one-to-one time you can have with your people the better. Don’t treat everyone the same, they’re not. Find out what truly motivates each individual on your team. Find out how they would like to contribute to the growth of your firm. Find out what motivates them. There are a lot of negative opinions surrounding the ‘millennial generation’. This is the next generation of talent walking through your door. Not as much attention has been paid to the very positive attributes of these new young lawyers. They like to be a part of a team. So leverage that characteristic to your benefit. Working in teams has not been the way of the past, but it definitely is the way of the future for law firms truly dedicated to offering the very best in service.

The other thing you can do is to help with their own professional development. When you’ve learned a new system that helps you save time, share it with your team. The amount of time that you will collectively save adds to everyone’s productivity. Strive to have systems for everything to make it as easy as possible for duplication and consistency.