What is it with lawyers and procrastination? Over the past nine years almost every single client I’ve worked with procrastinated to some varying degree. You would think with all the demands for your time you would create a system to get ahead of your deadlines (be proactive), rather than reactive.

Recently I was on a consultation call. I learned that the person I was talking with bought my first book a year and a half ago and had not read it yet. What? It’s bad enough if he had read it and done nothing about it. But not even read it. Then he asked me what the difference would be between the book and working with me. He paused for a minute and then laughed. He answered his own question. I would hold him, or you to account.

A quick tip to avoid procrastination and lessen your stress around deadlines. Plan ahead and set a pre-deadline for whatever you are working on. That way you will have some extra time to come back to it with fresh eyes and will likely be able to improve on it, not to mention catch any little mistakes.