The next step in becoming more targeted in your approach to business development is to take a look at your own values. What’s important to you? Over the years I worked with several lawyers who had to make a change. When I got in there and began coaching them, we determined that one of the reasons they weren’t excelling at business development was that their own values were not aligned with the people they were serving. And that goes for your firm as well. Are your values aligned with those of your firm?

If you’re not happy working for the people you are working for, or where you are working, there’s not much motivation to go out and get more clients of the same ilk. So consider what you value? What is important to you? Are your values and what you consider important aligned with your current clients? Are your values aligned with the firm you’re working at? If not, consider making a change for the long-term good of your career. If you’re just starting out, this is likely some advice you haven’t heard before and I highly advise you to take heed of it.