More than ever lawyers who want to thrive and not just survive in their careers should take steps to entrench themselves. And with all the doom and gloom in legal media today, I have one sure-fired way to do just that. Become really good at bringing in business. Whether you are solo-practice or at a large firm, being able to bring in clients will give you more power. And if you are at a larger firm, it will make yourself more valuable and protect you from the invariable lay offs we will see coming in the months and years to follow. If you do good work and can go out and find it, your job is much safer than if you only do good work. And this is only going to increase over time with more and more competition. 

‘Do the math’ has become one of my favorite expressions. So more lawyers graduating from law school. Fewer clients in the market. Senior partners working later in their careers. Fewer jobs. Add all that up and the picture is pretty lousy. So to stand out yo must be doing things differently. The one thing you can do to stand out is to become known as a rain-maker.