Over the last couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of working with various small firm leaders. At first I worked with them on their own business development and fine tuning some of the good work they were already doing. But working with these highly skilled professionals, there comes a time when there isn’t anything else they could do to grow their firm on an individual level.

So, do the math. One rainmaker or several? Everyone on your front line, that is to say who has direct client contact can develop business for you. This all began about two years ago when one firm leader in Ontario had the foresight to hire me to work with his first-year associate and one of his law clerks. It was my first time working with a law clerk. Admittedly when we began, she didn’t really even know what business development was. By the end of the year she had built up an extensive network and had attracted referrals to the tune of 300% ROI for my coaching. Since then I’ve gone on to work with several more small firm leaders and we are doing the same thing. Getting everyone on the front line engaged in business development. As a child I didn’t used to do well at math. But this is pretty simple math. One rainmaker or several?