T= Targeted S= Strategic and T= Tactical This is what and how I teach lawyers to approach business development.

Targeted in that everything you do is in front of your ideal target audience whether that be potential clients or referrals sources. When you speak, you know your audience has the potential to either hire you or refer clients to you. When you write an article, you know the readers have the potential to hire you or refer clients to you.You are targeted because you did your homework to find out where to be in front of your target audience.

Your strategic approach comes from creating a plan for your practice and your marketing efforts. Your plan should include market analysis, competitive analysis, a SWOT analysis of your practice and your own skills, goals you wish to accomplish, and an audit of what you are currently doing to market yourself and your practice, what is working and what is not.

You are tactical in that every step or approach you take can create the outcomes you set in your plan in the goals section. And each and every step or approach is also practical and attainable.

Are you ready to be TST(TM)? Get targeted, strategic, and tactical, and get more clients.