Sure you’re already networking. But are you meeting the right types of people?  Here are a couple of quick tips to ensure you are meeting more of the right types of people. Firstly, you want to make sure you are going to the right events. Simply ask your ideal clients and best referral sources where they hang? In other words what professional associations do they belong to and what events do they attend.

Then before attending your next event, reach out to the organizers to see if they will give you a copy of attendees. Target 2-3 people from that list to meet. And, circulate that list amongst your network to see if any of your existing contacts know people on the list. Have them make an email introduction of you before the event. Follow up with your own email inviting them to meet at one of the networking breaks. Finally, ask the organizers if they would introduce you to people they know. Follow these three strategies and watch your network grow.