Most if not all of my clients have a habit of procrastinating? Why is this so common with lawyers? What do you get from putting things off? How does this effect your productivity? Your peace of mind? Your stress level? And perhaps most importantly, your level of client service?

Habits are easy to get into and not as easy to break. But they can be broken. Ask yourself, ‘what potential upside comes from putting things off?’ Do you get a rush from doing things last minute? How does that serve you?

Moving forward try setting deadlines ahead of when you actually need them done. Some people intentionally set their watch ahead so they are not late for meetings or appointments. This tip follows that same logic. If you can ‘trick’ your mind into thinking something is due before it actually is, then you will be ahead of the game. Keep track of how this makes you feel? How does it effect your performance and peace of mind. When you start seeing positive results, you are more likely to keep this new habit and lessen your stress level.