If you have followed my four-step process, then you know step three is called discover. Similar to the legal version, discovery, this is where you learn everything you can about your clients’ needs, goals, challenges etc. In the normal course of building relationships it usually comes as step three. However, there are situations where you might want to consider leading with this step.

These situations include: When you get an introduction to someone; when you get a referral, and when a prospect comes to you with an immediate need. Generally this situation occurs when the person you are meeting has a need that needs to be met in that moment. There is no time to start building a relationship. You have to get to the heart of their situation as soon as possible. That’s when I recommend skipping right to discover. Once the matter is solved to your clients satisfaction, you can then go back and take more time to get to know. You will have more time to build a long-lasting and trusted relationship. The added benefit when this situation occurs is that you have already demonstrated your ability to them.