Do you find that you give a lot of presentations and don’t get the return for your investment? A couple of weeks ago I gave a webinar on ‘Time Management’, ironically. It’s ironic because I spent several hours preparing the material. Did I get any work from it? No. I did get great feedback and a lot of thank-you’s. That’s always nice.

If you have already done a great job of raising your profile. If you have the reputation. If you don’t need the credibility. My advice is to stop giving it away, unless its adding value for your current clients. As long as you give it away, they will keep taking it for free. So unless you do need to raise your profile, think of other ways to invest your business development time.

Your time is money. Your time is valuable. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t for you and your practice. Not all approaches will work for all lawyers in every situation. It’s important to monitor and repeat what works. As an example, writing articles has produced results for me. So, I pass my own experience on to you. I hope it will save you time and move you in the direction of getting results for any and all of your efforts.