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As Lawyers, you are smart. You have been trained how to learn. However, most of this learning has been focused on Left-Brain functions such as analytical, critical, logical thinking, calculating and formulating arguments and opinions, writing, etc. While your Left-Brain serves you well in the Practice of Law; in fact, it’s paramount in your abilities and functions as a lawyer, it can create numerous obstacles for you in becoming equally proficient in the Business of Law.

That’s where I come in. As your Lawyer Coach, I will help you learn to strengthen your Right-Brain functions of communication, intuitiveness, and the ability to be collaborative, creative, empathetic, flexible, and innovative.

Improving these skills will set you up for success in your business, whether you are with a firm or out on your own. They will support you on your path to becoming an exceptional entrepreneur and Law Firm Leader.

My very first client as a lawyer coach summed it up when explaining why he chose to work with me. He said, “I already know how to be a Lawyer, a good lawyer, I want that entrepreneurial drive and mindset that you have.” 


If you can show me that after following my advice, strategies, and approaches you have not achieved at least a 300% ROI, I will give you a FULL REFUND!

What you can expect with OnTrac® Coach 

Since 2005, I have provided lawyer coaching worldwide, helping lawyers take their entrepreneurial and business skills to the next level, and in turn, accelerate their growth and profitability. You can draw from and leverage my in-depth legal industry knowledge and experience. Realize greater results for your efforts with my proven strategies and approaches. And learn from others that have gone before you.

Lawyers can expect:

  • Increased income
  • Improved efficiency, discipline, and time management
  • To reach your goals faster, and with less effort
  • To increase your billable hours
  • Improved understanding and connections with key clients and prospects
  • Enhanced job satisfaction
  • To increase awareness of opportunities
  • Improved communication, delegation, and leadership skills
  • To get into and stay in sustainable action (results)
  • Improved overall performance and productivity of your group or team
  • To have more time for clients, business development, and mentoring

Law Firms can expect:

  • Increased revenue and profits
  • Your lawyers’ activities to align with your firm’s strategy
  • Improved recruitment potential
  • Enhanced retention
  • Improvements in cooperation and teamwork
  • Enhanced communication, delegation, and leadership skills
  • More cohesive groups and teams
  • Improved performance and productivity from your group leaders and their teams
  • Increased attention to client service
  • Elevated attention to mentorship and future leader development

When you are ready to become more Entrepreneurial in your approach to the Business of Law. When you are motivated to take your firm next level with a lawyer coach, we have various choices to help you in your development and learning.

As a profession, statistics show we are a cynical and thin-skinned bunch. As such we look at coaches with a generous dose of doubt, married with an abject fear of the constructive criticism that will surely result. Undaunted, Gary approaches these lawyer biases and fears personally, positively, professionally, and politely with determination. He becomes your alter ego, the constant voice in your ear, coaxing you along a road that you know you should travel…

Partner with Gary if you want to get to your destination in less time and with less effort. I can say this counting Gary as a partner for over 10 years, in various capacities and successful pursuits. Gary is no-nonsense with clear, reasonable, and attainable approaches to help you realize your vision and goals. 

Michael A. Thackray, Q.C., former Managing Partner, Thackray Burgess, Calgary

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