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The Business of Law

Whatever your learning preferences or your business goals, as a leader in lawyer coaching worldwide, OnTrac® Coach has you covered.

When you are ready for coaching from a leader in lawyer coaching worldwide , you will have that fire in your belly. You will have a deep desire and the drive to reach further, do better and aim higher. Like an Olympian, you will be ready to do what it takes to reach your goals.  

And when you are ready, the right business coach will help you cross that finish line.

When you are ready, as a leader in lawyer coaching worldwide, we are here for you.

What you can expect with OnTrac® 

In today’s highly competitive legal services market, it’s no longer good enough to be good or even great as a lawyer. Providing outstanding service is a given. In order to grow your market share or even maintain it, you must also be great at the business of law. 

That’s where OnTrac® Coach comes in.

For more than 15 years, we have exclusively provided lawyer coaching worldwide, helping lawyers take their business skills to the next level, and in turn accelerate their growth and profitability. You can draw from and leverage our in-depth industry knowledge and experience. Realize greater results for your efforts with our proven strategies and approaches. And learn from other’s that have gone before you.  

Lawyers can expect:

  • Increased income
  • Improved efficiency, discipline, and time management
  • To reach your goals faster, and with less effort
  • To increase your billable hours
  • Improved understanding and connections with key clients and prospects
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • To increase awareness of opportunities
  • Improved communication, delegation and leadership skills
  • To get into and stay in sustainable action (results)
  • To improve the overall performance and productivity of your group or team
  • To have more time for clients, business development, and mentoring

Law Firms can expect:

    • Increased revenue and profits
    • Your lawyers’ activities to align with your firm’s strategy
    • Improved recruitment potential
    • Improved retention
    • Improvements in cooperation and teamwork
    • Improved communication, delegation and leadership skills
    • More cohesive groups and teams
    • Improved performance and productivity from your group leaders and their teams
    • Increased attention to client service
    • Increased attention to mentorship and future leader development

Partner with Gary if you want to get to your destination in less time and with less effort. I can say this counting Gary as a partner for over 10 years, in various capacities and successful pursuits. Gary is no nonsense with clear, reasonable and attainable approaches to help you realize your vision and goals. 

Michael A. Thackray, Q.C., Founder and Managing Partner, Thackray Burgess Calgary

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