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Whatever success means to you; More time? More Freedom? More Revenue? I can help you get there faster.


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Guiding lawyers quickly and effectively on the best strategies and their prioritized implementation.

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Creating Competition-Crushing Marketing

You are a great lawyer. Do all of your potential clients know that?

As a profession, statistics show we are a cynical and thin-skinned bunch. As such we look at coaches with a generous dose of doubt, married with an abject fear of the constructive criticism that will surely result. Undaunted, Gary approaches these lawyer biases and fears personally, positively, professionally, and politely with determination. He becomes your alter ego, the constant voice in your ear, coaxing you along a road that you know you should travel…!

-Michael A. Thackray, K.C. Partner, Dentons Canada LLP, Former Founder and Managing Partner, Thackray Burgess LLP,


Empowering Lawyers Since 2006

At OnTrac® Coach, our mission since 2006 has been to empower lawyers to achieve more in their careers. Whether it’s more time, more freedom, more control, more fulfillment, more revenue, or all of it, we help lawyers reach their goals faster.

Our extensive experience ranges from supporting solo-practice start-ups to partnering with senior professionals in international firms. This broad exposure has equipped us with deep insights and knowledge about the legal industry and its unique challenges.

Could you improve in any of these areas?

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  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Delegating
  • Docketing
  • Business development focused on attracting more ideal clients
  • Balancing the billable work with admin tasks
  • Finding, hiring, and retaining skilled legal professionals to round out your team
  • Building systems, processes, and templates allowing you to scale and grow
  • Finding the time to focus on longer-term strategic growth and goals
  • Improving operational systems allowing for higher profitability 

Working With OnTrac® Coach You Will

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  • Increase Profitability
  • Enjoy Better Results for Your Marketing Efforts
  • Improve Your Business Skills
  • Improve Your Leadership Skills
  • Improve Your Communication Skills
  • Better Manage Your Time
  • Build Your Best Team
  • Improve Your Efficiency, Discipline, and Overall Productivity
  • Learn to Create Systems and Templates to Scale and Grow
  • Shorten Your Learning Curve
  • Enjoy Results Faster than Going it Alone
  • Enjoy More Freedom and Control Over Your Career
  • Create More Time to Concentrate on What You Love Most
  • Lessen Stress/Increase Fulfillment
  • Quickly Acquire Essential New Skills and Knowledge with Expert Guidance

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