Gary Mitchell has a vast toolkit of skills and knowledge when it comes to the business of running a law firm. I have worked with him over the past year and a half. He has supported me with marketing, business development, HR. He has coached me and many of my team members including lawyers and staff. He continues to work with my office manager providing her support in the areas of HR and leadership and has provided business development, practice management and on-boarding coaching for my lawyers.


Recently we were named Toronto’s fastest growing law firm in the Globe and Mails’ top 400 Fastest Growing Canadian companies, and Gary was critical in helping with the change management that was involved in that growth.


Andrew Monkhouse, Founder and Managing Partner, Monkhouse Law

OnTrac® Managing Partner Coaching

You will be judged on your performance; with the focus on firm growth and profitability. What will you be known for? What impact will your leadership have on the firm? What will your legacy be?

You are at the helm of your firm, and that can be daunting. You are constantly pulled in multiple directions. You have to manage the expectations and egos of a diverse group of interests. You are still building and running your own practice. And becoming, or being the Managing Partner is often referred to as a ‘practice killer’. Don’t let that happen to you!.

You don’t have to go it alone. Let me help you navigate the challenges of law firm leadership and support you in your continued success.

ON TRAC® will strengthen your ability to lead and grow your firm. Let’s work together to build your lasting legacy. 

As a profession, statistics show we are a cynical and thin-skinned bunch. As such we look at coaches with a generous dose of doubt, married with an abject fear of the constructive criticism that will surely result.  Undaunted, Gary approaches these lawyer biases and fears personally, positively, professionally, and politely with determination. He becomes your alter ego, the constant voice in your ear, coaxing you along a road that you know you should travel… Partner with Gary if you want to get to your destination in less time and with less effort. I can say this counting Gary as a partner for over 10 years, in various capacities and successful pursuits. Gary is no nonsense with clear, reasonable and attainable approaches to help you realize your vision and goals.

Michael A. Thackray, Q.C., Founder and Managing Partner, Thackray Burgess

If you’re reading this testimonial, you probably don’t know Gary Mitchell the way I know him. About five years ago, I stumbled across his book on rainmaking online and decided to read it. I was most impressed. That then led me to reach out to him and discuss the role that he could play in my law firm.  I then hired Gary to coach various staff members who went on to become exceptionally productive, increased our firm revenues and, most importantly, dramatically improved their happiness quotient at work. I have since consulted with Gary on many occasions and will continue to do so. For small to medium size firms who cannot afford to have an in-house productivity specialist on payroll, Gary is your man.

Steven Benmor, Principal, Benmor Family Law Group

Outcomes with OnTrac® 

The bottom line: Increased growth and profitability. You will achieve this by:

  • Improving communication skills; providing direction, motivation, clearly setting expectations, guidance, and feedback
  • Better managing your time, improve your delegation skills, freeing up more time for high-level strategic planning
  • Leading the development of the firm’s strategic plan moving forward, which may include:
    • Taking a more strategic approach to business development and marketing
    • Tweaking or creating a compensation plan that better motivates excellence and client service
    • Set partner-track benchmarks to give your people a clear path forward
    • Tightening systems and processes making it easier to replicate and grow
    • Growing and strengthening your management team
    • Taking a more strategic and longer term view for firm growth and profitability

As we approach our 6th year anniversary in business, I have to say we’ve done well. I engaged Gary to help us take it up a notch to Great. He is advising me on industry standards for compensation, structure, and workflow. He is also helping my firm to adopt a culture of client 1st approaches and business development.

Andrew Monkhouse, Founder and Managing Partner, Monkhouse Law


    • Talent acquisition
    • On-boarding and retention
    • Employee engagement
    • Talent development
    • Succession planning
    • Profitability

As we work together, I have some supportive services to help you with the implementation of the various strategies to move your firm forward. Here are my consulting services.

I sought out the specialized business development expertise of Gary Mitchell as I began my fifth year of Ackah Business Immigration Law. After working at national law firms in Toronto and Calgary as an Associate and then Partner, I thought I knew how to continue to build my corporate immigration practice – but it turns out I needed Gary Mitchell to help take my law firm to…more

Evelyn L. Ackah, Founder and Managing Lawyer at Ackah Business Immigration Law

Why OnTrac® Coaching Works

Your time is your most valuable commodity. You only have so much of it. That understanding, along with other industry knowledge, has inspired me to develop my proprietary coaching methodology.

TST– Targeted, Strategic, and Tactical

It helps you get maximum results in the least amount of time, and with the most efficient use of resources.

As your strategic business coach, I partner with you to brainstorm, challenge, guide, and inspire you to reach higher. I am invested in you and your success.



We hired Gary as our business coach during our law firm’s first year in business. His advice, guidance and access to other professionals in the legal field has been a huge asset to the growth of our new firm. He has helped us institute systems, establish our brand and build a resource network. His services are highly recommended to any start-up law firm.

Kara Duncan, Co-founder, Duncan Allen Law

The combination of the length of time I work with you (designed understanding how much time it takes to change habits, or learn new ones), the frequency and intensity in which I work with you (accountability), the program content (designed specifically for lawyers), and flexibility (meeting your individual needs in the moment), are the reasons for my clients’ success.

Gary is an invaluable help to anyone thinking of starting their own law practice. The one time I did not follow Gary’s advise, I ended up wasting thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Invest in Gary and you will always be thankful for his thoughtful tips!

-Leena Ronak Yousefi, Founder, YLaw Group

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