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In case you haven’t noticed, it’s no longer ‘good enough’ to be a good or even great lawyer. To get ahead in your career you must have a demonstrated ability to build your own book. This requires you to build strong and trusted relationships. But how do you find those people to build relationships with? Where are they? How do you get in front of them? What do you say or do when you are in front of them? How do you move the relationship to the next level to a point where they actually become your clients or referral sources? These questions and many more will be answered in my proprietary Private Coaching Program.

Several years ago when I was a non-equity partner in our Toronto office I worked with Gary Mitchell in his Business Development coaching program. Working with Gary helped me change my mindset around business development and the results followed. I am now our firm’s Office Management Partner in Calgary. The BD coaching certainly helped to put me on a path to building my practice and succeeding as a leader.  Thanks Gary!

-Adam Maerov, Office Management Partner, McMillan

Outcomes with OnTrac® Coaching

  • You will become more strategic with your time allowing you to invest more towards getting more clients
  • You will stop doing things that waste your time and do more of what will bring you better results
  • You will learn new skills and approaches to add to the mix, increasing your results
  • You will clarify your goals; what motivates you, and your ultimate vision for your career, law practice or firm
  • You will have a strategic plan of action, prioritized as to the most important steps to grow your law practice or firm

Gary’s insights, informed by his experience working with lawyers, of the best practices and many tried-and-true approaches in business development have been invaluable. He encourages me to remain genuine to my personality, while stretching beyond my comfort zone when it comes to BD. My own BD effort benefits a lot from his high-level strategic perspectives and practical…more

Matthew Choi, Norton Rose Fulbright

With a good start under my belt, I realized I needed guidance on a path forward in my career and to partnership. Coaching helped me focus on longer-term goals. Gary acted as a third party (no judgement) sounding board for ideas and provided the accountability to keep me motivated to do the things I knew I should be doing. Young lawyers need to actively think and act early on to structure a sustainable practice that can align life and career goals. Coaching can give you that external push and perspective to get there faster.

Mitchell Allison, Associate, McMillan

  • You will become more targeted and strategic with your approaches so you can find more prospects and referral sources, and make it easier for prospects and referral sources to find you – raising your profile
  • You will learn proven strategies on how and where to get you in front of the right people at the right time and do and say the right things
  • You will build more discipline and accountability into your business development efforts
  • You will learn how to trust your instincts
  • Ultimately, you will improve your ability to attract more clients and grow your book

When you follow the strategies laid out in this program you will likely need to grow your team to handle all of the new capacity challenge. Consider my Practice/Team Leader Program.

Working with Gary has led to more business in less than 3 months.

Marc-Andre Morin, Partner, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin

(Excerpt from the Foreword to Raindance-Large Firm Edition)

I met Gary Mitchell at a time of crossroads in my legal practice. After ten years I had achieved “success”: partnership, loyal clients and a reasonable pay-cheque at a downtown Vancouver law firm. However, I held an ambition to grow my practice further into something special.

Misguided attempts on my own or guided by legal marketing “experts” had led only to frustration. So I conducted my own search for an individual that had the aptitude, skills and mindset I needed to get me on track. After interviewing a number of candidates, I chose Gary. There is no doubt he was the right choice.

-Chris Rusnak, Partner, Harper Grey LLP

Why On Trac® Coaching Works

I follow a proprietary methodology called TST™, (Targeted, Strategic, and Tactical). This methodology was created working with Lawyers and Law Firm Professionals just like you. Following this methodology, you will have a more focused approach to your marketing efforts, leading to better results in less time. We all know your time=money.

TST™ looks like this:

  • Targeted: You will know exactly (WHERE) to reach your target market(s)
  • Strategic: You will know (HOW) to do it in the most effective way
  • Tactical: You will know exactly (WHAT) practical steps to take to reach your goals

Gary’s approach to business plan development helped me to focus and tailor my business development efforts to my appropriate market. I appreciated that he brought to his work a nuanced understanding and experience of different legal practice areas and the unique circumstances each area faces when it comes to marketing and business development.

Riley Burr, Tax Lawyer, Norton Rose Fulbright

I sought out the specialized business development expertise of Gary Mitchell as I began my fifth year of Ackah Business Immigration Law. After working at national law firms in Toronto and Calgary as an Associate and then Partner, I thought I knew how to continue to build my corporate immigration practice – but it turns out I needed Gary Mitchell to help take my law firm to…more

Evelyn L. Ackah, Founder and Managing Lawyer, Ackah Business Immigration Law

The combination of the length of time I work with you (designed understanding how much time it takes to change habits, or learn new ones), the frequency and intensity in which I work with you (accountability), the program content (designed specifically for lawyers), and flexibility (meeting your individual needs in the moment), are the reasons for my clients’ success.

Gary’s program really delivers. I was skeptical of working with a coach, but armed with Gary’s skillful application of practical business principles to my own practice, I am now focused, experiencing great results, and excited about the future. I have recommended Gary’s program to numerous colleagues and am pleased to endorse him on LinkedIn.

Greg McIlwain, Partner, McMillan

Gary was essential in helping me getting my law practice up and running. I would not have succeeded without Gary keeping me motivated, accountable and task orientated. I highly recommend Gary if you are overwhelmed with starting your own practice or overwhelmed with keeping your practice going. Gary is familiar with what it takes to run a legal practice and I have no doubt he will be able to help you work through whatever hurdles you may be facing. Gary is awesome!!!!

Andrea Petersen, Principal, ACE Legal

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